Welcome to Gavika

Gavika Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a software company in Bangalore. Gavika is headed by Sudheer Satyanarayana. Sudheer is a technologist. Most of his work time is spent in software development and system administration. Sudheer is a technology blogger and a public speaker. He is active in various online and regional technology forums and groups.

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Web Development

We love to work with the ubiquotous web technologies - HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. We specialize in Python, PHP, MySQL, MariaDB and PostgreSQL.

We have used a number of web-frameworks in the past. We have written our own sometimes. At present, we use Flask, Pylons and Pyramid python web-frameworks. Zend Framework and Drupal ring a bell here. So do Bootstrap, jQuery, Dojo Toolkit, AngularJS and ReactJS.

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Linux System Administration

Want to setup a web server, email server or a database server on a Linux machine? Running Linux servers on public or private cloud? We have everything needed to setup and maintain Linux servers. We love automting IT infrastructure using Ansible. We use Linux on our desktops and laptops as well.

CentOS is our preferred Linux distribution. We can work with other distributions too - be it Debian or Ubuntu or another mainstream Linux distribution.

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Gavika Cloud Tools

Our Cloud Computing tools allow you to setup your OS and applications on it, in a snap. The tools also help you migrate from one cloud provider to another without any hassle.

Gavika Cloud Computing Tools are still being developed and are used selectively depending on the projects' needs.

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