Gavika Web Framework

Rapidly develop web applications powered by Gavika Web Framework. The framework scaffolds the code for your application.

Gavika Web Framework is an opinionated commercial web framework. It is built using Python 3. The framework supports PostgreSQL and provides out-of-the-box user interface components built using ReactJS. Has built-in features such as user management, frontend tooling, etc.

Infrastructure / DevOps

Want to setup infrastructure and automate application deployment in the cloud? Or do you have an own data center? We have the skills and the experience needed to setup and maintain Linux servers and network infrastructure.

We love automating IT infrastructure using modern tools. We embrace the philosophy of IaC. We recommend and use the tools - Terraform and Ansible.


Secure your WiFi and wired networks. Deploy Gavika RADIUS to implement AAA in your organization's network.

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  • Provide a username and password to each individual user in your network.
  • Gain visibility into network usage of users.
  • Authorize devices to access your network