Gavika web development

Solution driven web application development using modern frontend frameworks, libraries, tools and methods, SQL and noSQL databases, programming languages such as Python and PHP.


Web Develpment

We love to work with ubiquotous web technologies such as HTML5, CSS 3 and JavaScript. We specialize in Python, MySQL and PostreSQL.

Our preferred server-side programing language is Python. We have used and continue to use a number of web-frameworks. To solve certain domain-specific problems we have developed our own web framework known as Gavika Web Framework. At present, we use Flask, Pylons and Pyramid Python web-frameworks. We use modern frontend stack with a focus on ReactJS and Angular.

PostgreSQL and MySQL/MariaDB are our preferred SQL databases. We do not shy away from using SQLite too.

Our preferred technology stack is platform independent. Usually our deploymnets are done on the Linux platform.