Managed Hosting

Want to host your website or web application?

  1. We manage the hosting of your web application
  2. PHP, Python or Ruby Stacks
  3. Other technology stacks
  4. PostgreSQL and MySQL databases
  5. CDN hosting for JavaScript based sites and applications
  6. Cloud Native application hosting

We host Wordpress, Drupal and other CMS based websites and web applications for our clients. We manage orchestration and maintenance of infrastructure including backups, security, database and deployment.

If you get in touch with us before making the technology choice for your website and web hosting, we can recommend cost-effective and manageable solution options.


Is this a web control panel based solution?

No. This is a completely managed solution. Deployment happens via GitOps.

Is this shared-hosting?

It depends. In many situations yes, it is shared-hosting. In some situations resources are dedicated to a single customer

What are the prices?

The prices vary depending on the needs. For simple websites and Wordpress based hosting, monthly charges per site is approximately ₹200 to ₹500.

Do you also develop websites?

Currently, we are not offering website development services. We can refer some consultants or agencies that offer website development services. Currently popular services are based on:

  • Manually written HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Wordpress or other CMS based websites
  • Static site generators
  • JavaScript based sites leveraging Cloud Native services

Do you also develop applications?

Yes, get in touch with us to discuss more.

Are web applications different from websites?

We don't want to get caught up in jargon and technical terms arguments. If the primary goal is to provide information to the website visitors yes, it is considered a website rather than a web application. Even if you have some dynamic features like contact forms, it is still considered a website. If the bulk of the features involve capturing data from forms and having a flow of data from that point, it is considered a web application.

Do you offer domain registration service?

We can recommend some providers, though. We will help you choose a secure and robust option. We will also assist you in setting the DNS and other related domain related configuration.
We can also register domains on behalf of you.