DevOps Services

We provide consulting services to design, deploy and maintain IT infrastructure in the cloud or on-premise.

  1. Plan and develop infrastructure in popular public cloud environments such as AWS and GCP.
  2. Implement IaC. Use industry standard tools such as Ansible and Terraform.
  3. Maintain and support evolution of the infrastructure. From installing security packages to adapting to modern services and software, we go all the way.

Typical Projects

  • Deploying Web Applications

    1. Planning and orchestrating infrastructure to host web applications.
    2. Design and provision infrastructure layer including compute, networking and storage.
    3. Next up on the stack is OS and services followed by dependencies of the application.
    4. Configure services such as database, web server, proxy, load balancer, etc
  • Database servers

    1. MySQL, MariaDB or PostgreSQL.
    2. Plan, build and maintain relation database servers to suit your needs.
    3. High availability
    4. Fault-tolerance
    5. Disaster recovery
  • Security

    1. Infrastructure hardening using various systems
    2. Firewalls
    3. SELinux
    4. HIDS
    5. Log capturing and analytics
  • Monitoring

    1. Design and implementation of modern monitoring solutions based on Prometheus
    2. Or cloud provider provided monitoring tools
    3. Alerting, trending, auditing and detective work, right-sizing and cost-optimization.
  • Disaster Recovery

    1. Design and implement strategies for secure and efficient backups and DR.
  • Containers

    1. Design, implementation and management of container systems.
    2. Docker, Kubernetes, Podman, etc
  • Version Control

    1. Setup tools for productive software development using tools like Git and Mercurial.
    2. Project Management Applications, etc.
  • CI/CD

    1. Design and implement processes and tools for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery
    2. Examples: Jenkins, ConCourse CI, etc
  • Email servers

    1. Email servers
    2. POP, POPS, IMAP, IMAPS, Webmail
    3. SELinux
    4. SMTP, SPF, DKIM
    5. Antispam, Antivirus
  • File and print servers

    1. Leverage the power of Samba to build a cost-effective and robust file and print service for Microsoft Windows clients and integrate with a Microsoft Windows Server domain.

The list above should give you a fair idea about the type of services we offer. We are keen to take up Linux system administration and DevOps projects.